Pvc Electrical Conduit / Casing Capping

“Paramount Aquaflow” Electrical Conduit Pipes are manufactured from a specially formulated material to meet the most stringent Indian and International standards. Our products are made of Extra Super High Impact materials which make them safe to use in harsh environments. The main application is Channelising concealed & Surface wiring, Telecommunication & Cable ducting. These pipes are available in Black, Grey & White colours. Other colours available on a made-to-order basis. Sizes available from 20 mm to 50 mm.


Unsightly computer cables, intercom and EPABX cabling can be securely and aesthetically routed through range of PVC Channels. Manufactured to international standards Pvc Casing ‘n’ Capping are long lasting, working efficiently. Pvc Channels are available in sizes of 12/20 mm, 20/25 mm, 25/32 mm, 35/38 mm and in Black, Grey & White colours.